Thumby, a Tiny Playable Keychain by TinyCircuits

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2024-05-10 17:30:04

Thumby™ is an itty-bitty game system at the tips of your thumbs, a best friend for your keys, and an easy learning tool all-in-one. Start playing right away with preloaded games. Download more games and learn to program your own using the Thumby Code Editor Website!

MicroPython is an implementation of Python 3 optimized to run on microcontrollers, like the Raspberry Pi RP2040 in Thumby! MicroPython is a great way to get started with learning how to program, or to quickly make a new game.

We created a Thumby MicroPython API (application programming interface), to make programming even easier! Using our all-in-one Thumby Code Editor, you are just a few tutorials away from creating your own Thumby program or game! The Code Editor also contains the Thumby Arcade where users publish their games for anyone to play and download to their own Thumby.

If you are new to programming and want to get started without touching a line of code, the Code Editor comes with Blockly mode, which lets you program visually with interlocking blocks! It couldn't be easier to get started programming games on the Thumby using the same kind of programming interface from Hour of Code and Scratch! You can even publish the games you make to the Thumby Arcade, just like with MicroPython!

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