Saving a Door (and maybe a marriage) with Wood Plugs

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2022-06-23 16:30:11

I received a call from a woman who was disappointed with her husband. She had given him the task of replacing the front door hardware. The old locks (although I did not see them) could not have worked very well. The original lock installer did not bore the lock-set holes correctly. The woman I talked too said her husband could not install the new locks and all I needed to was to come out to the house and screw the new locks into the door.

When I arrived on the job site I inspected the locks. Before I started I could see the deadbolt could not cover the locks mounting hole. I thought maybe I could just re-bore the mounting holes, but they were so far off they would never be covered up with the new hardware.

I called the customer and told her no one could install locks in her door because the holes were so erroneously bored in the wrong place. I rescheduled the job to come out and spend about four hours plugging the door and re-boring the plugs for the new locks. When I was finished the only thing needed was fresh paint.

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