Mitron App Co-Founders responds to Made-in-Pakistan Claims

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2020-06-23 03:39:11

Was the Mitron app made in Pakistan? Is it just a clone of TikTok, and why was it briefly removed from Google Play? For better or for worse, the app which became famous as a ‘Made in India' alternative to TikTok, at a time when a huge YouTube versus TikTok fight was brewing and anti-China sentiment in India ran so high that an app called Remove China Apps ended up being one of the most popular free apps in India, has gained a lot of notoriety. This only increased once reports broke that the source code of the app wasn't developed by the Mitron team but instead, purchased, for just about Rs 2,500, from a software developer based in Pakistan.

Gadgets 360 spoke to the co-founders of the Mitron app, Shivank Agarwal and Anish Khandelwal, to clarify some of these doubts, but at the end of our conversation, more questions remain.

Although Agarwal and Khandelwal have been speaking up now to try and make it clear that their app does not have any connection to Pakistan, their responses have been unclear at best. Speaking to Gadgets 360, as well as other news organisations, Khandelwal said that they purchased the licensed code and a template of the Mitron app from Envato. "Our focus was on the suitability of the initial template we purchased and the origin of the developer was neither displayed nor relevant,” he said.

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