Gajim 1.9.0

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2024-06-11 00:00:07

Half a year after the last release, Gajim 1.9.0 is finally here. 🎉 This release brings long awaited support for message replies and message reactions. Message Moderation has been improved as well. Say hello to voice messages! Thank you for all your contributions!

It took us quite some time, but now it’s here: Gajim 1.9 comes with a complete database overhaul, which enables new features such as Message Replies and Message Reactions.

Message Replies (XEP-0461: Message Replies) offer rich context, which wasn’t available previously when using message quotes. With Message Replies, Gajim shows you the author’s profile picture, nickname, and also the time the message was sent. Clicking a referenced message will jump to the original message.

Message Reactions (XEP-0444: Message Reactions) allow you to react to messages by using an emoji of your choice. When hovering messages, a floating action menu appears. This action menu offers three quick reactions and even more when clicking on the plus button. Hovering a reaction shows a tooltip containing infos about who sent which reaction - especially useful in group chats.

Message Moderation (XEP-0425: Moderated Message Retraction) has been updated to the latest version while staying compatible with older implementations, thus improving Gajim’s tools against spam.

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