TraceLens the OpenTelemetry UI

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2024-07-07 19:30:07

TraceLens is an OpenTelemetry logging, tracing and metrics visualizer that focuses on providing developers with relevant data, rather than overwhelming them with a large quantity of information. It also acts as an OpenTelemetry Collector for ingesting and storing data.

Begin by downloading the Docker Compose file. This file contains all the necessary configurations to run the essential components for TraceLens.

Once downloaded, executing this Docker Compose file will establish a local environment comprising a Postgres database instance for data storage, a Redis instance for caching, and the TraceLens UI, which will be accessible on your local machine via http://localhost:5001.

Enhance your project's capabilities by installing the TraceLens Aspire library. Start by installing the Nuget package "TraceLens.Aspire". This package provides essential functionalities to integrate TraceLens with your Microsoft Aspire applications.

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