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2024-02-09 17:30:06

Today, we release Seabird version 0.1. This is the first minor release, and with it we officially enter beta. Here’s what’s changed since our initial release last month.

Seabird is a native (GTK) Kubernetes desktop client written in Go. We aim to make working with Kubernetes as simple as possible.

Seabird now ships in the preferred app distribution format on each platform: Flatpak on Linux, MSI installer on Windows and DMG disk image on MacOS. The Flatpak can be downloaded from Flathub, all other downloads are available from the releases page on GitHub.

We originally only supported authentication via certificates. In our latest release, we now also support tokens and exec-based auth providers. You can now also select a different context when you load a kubeconfig.

We designed Seabird as a read-only resource explorer since we believe gitops is the best way to manage changes in a Kubernetes cluster. But you still want to modify objects sometimes, be it in test or development envs, and you shouldn’t have to revert to kubectl to do it.

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