BLACKPINK, a popular Korean girl group, finally returned to the music scene with the new song

BLACKPINK new song "How You Like That"

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2020-06-26 11:17:38
BLACKPINK, a popular Korean girl group, finally returned to the music scene with the new song "How You Like That", which is the return of the group after one year and two months. The song MV and sound source were released at 6 o'clock Korea time. In the afternoon, a new song release conference was held, which was broadcast live through platforms such as YouTube and Vlive. The new styles of the 4 members are first exposed through the new song release conference. The dark style is domineering, and the most eye-catching is definitely Jenny. Although Jenny’s "Dragon Head" can also be seen in the earlier teaser photos and videos, But today, after seeing a photo of a real person without retouching, netizens frantically discussed that the long golden bangs on both sides are lined with black long hair, and the contrast is extremely high. Such a personalized hairstyle can only be controlled by Jenny! As for member Lisa, she also cut her short hair this time, keeping the former bangs to increase her cuteness, while also retaining a sense of fashion. Lisa with a good ratio of facial features can be easily controlled even with short black hair. As for the MV, it is also quite attractive, each member has changed many sets of different shapes. The new song "How You Like That" still has BLACKPINK-style hip-hop elements, and the song becomes high with the change of feelings. BLACKPINK also said in the press conference that "the new song is more powerful than the previous "Kill This Love", and the hip-hop element is also added to the opening song with orchestral music, and there will be a huge turning point in the middle." BLACKPINK hopes to encourage everyone through the song even In the dark period, they can work tirelessly and have the strength and confidence to rise again.
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