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2024-06-08 17:00:05

You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

You're reviewing a large pull request on a project where folks care about a clean commit history. The author has just force-pushed a new version of the pull request and you want to see only what has changed. But, oh no! They rebased on a more recent version of the destination branch, and now the diff is full of all sorts of unrelated changes. And how can you check if rebase conflicts were resolved appropriately?

This utility allows you to compare the relevant changes of two versions of a rebased branch given three input diffs: two base diffs that show the changes since the respective merge bases and a target diff between the branches you are actually interested in.

As such, it is very similar to (and actually builds on) git range-diff. The difference is that the resulting output is arguably much more readable.

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