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2024-05-14 06:30:06

We’ve updated how we calculate Last Activity to give you better clarity and are pausing access to the Team endpoint in the Metrics API.

Ahead of the GitHub Copilot Metrics API launch, we made an update to how we calculate Last Activity in order to provide more useful information for admins. Previously, this data point indicated the last time a user generated a Copilot authentication token, which happened automatically if the user’s editor was active. This did not mean the user was engaging with Copilot but rather, the extension was ensuring it could provide completions or chat access if needed.

To align this data point with actual usage, we updated our system to grab the most recent instance where the user deliberately engaged with the Copilot system. These actions include but are not limited to: – Code completion suggestions show – Chatting with Copilot Chat in IDEs – Creating or updating a knowledge base – Creating a pull request summary – Interacting with Copilot on

As part of this update, we also needed to perform system cleanup on the vast amount of previous token generated events that were no longer relevant to providing this data point. Some data was erroneously removed but has since been restored.

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