🌟 <CopilotChat />: 
 Build app-aware AI chatbots that can

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2024-07-09 13:00:12

🌟 <CopilotChat />: Build app-aware AI chatbots that can "see" the current app state + take action inside your app. The AI chatbot can talk to your app frontend & backend, and to 3rd party services (Salesforce, Dropbox, etc.) via plugins. Supports generative UI. Start in seconds:

🌟 <CopilotTextarea />: Drop-in replacement for any <textarea />. AI-assisted text generation. Autocompletions + AI editing + generate from scratch. Grounded on your users' data and Copilot application context. Simply change textarea to CopilotTextarea.

🌟 In-App Agents (powered by LangChain): Give agents access to realtime application context, and let agents take action inside applications.

🌟 Co-Agents (powered by LangChain. Coming soon.): Allow end-users to observe and intervene in an in-app agent’s operations, with native application UX. End users can correct mistakes in intermediate steps if any were made, and restart agent operation from that point onwards.

Define the following simple entry-points into your application, and the CopilotKitπŸͺ execution engine takes care of the rest!

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