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Style Pass
2023-11-18 17:30:07

"In the style of Leonardo da Vinci, I present to you 'The Sudden Departure of Sam Altman' - an intense oil painting depicting the ousting of OpenAI's CEO from his position."

"Starbucks Rebellion" - A mixed media piece showcasing a sea of striking Starbucks workers holding red cups and signs protesting against unfair labor practices, while Snoop Dogg and Diddy stand in solidarity at the forefront.

"Madame Web's Cosmic Visions" - In the style of Salvador Dali, a surrealist portrait of Madame Web surrounded by ethereal cricket players and intergalactic Lakers, while she peers into the future and bestows her prophetic visions upon the viewer.

"Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's style, a vibrant comic-like depiction of a serious Markwayne Mullin in a Senate chamber standoff exhibiting intense emotions juxtaposed with spirited dialogue bubbles exclaiming 'We can finish it here!'"

"Broken Government" - A mixed media portrait of Suella Braverman with fragmented and overlapping newspaper clippings of the escalating government shutdown and political turmoil in the background.

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