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2021-08-17 18:00:08

"Forensic Image Analysis is the application of image science and domain expertise to interpret the content of an image and/or the image itself in legal matters. Major subdisciplines of Forensic Image Analysis with law enforcement applications include: Photogrammetry, Photographic Comparison, Content Analysis, and Image Authentication." (Scientific Working Group on Imaging Technologies)

Sherloq is a personal research project about implementing a fully integrated environment for digital image forensics. It is not meant as an automatic tool that decide if an image is forged or not (that tool probably will never exist...), but as a companion in experimenting with various algorithms found in the latest research papers and workshops.

While many commercial solutions have high retail prices and often reserved to law enforcement and government agencies only, this toolset aims to be a both an extensible framework and a starting point for anyone interested in making experiments in this particular application of digital signal processing.

I strongly believe that security-by-obscurity is the wrong way to offer any kind of forensic service (i.e. "Using this proprietary software I guarantee you that this photo is pristine... and you have to trust me!"). Following the open-source philosophy, everyone should be able to try various techniques on their own, gain knowledge and share it to the community... even better if they contribute with code improvements! :)

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