This fork is based on the last commit on 29 Jan 2020 ( https://gi

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This fork is based on the last commit on 29 Jan 2020 ( (submit bugs and patches here) dotdevelop/community#9 *(temporary link to the roadmap thread, should be replaced in the future with a proper roadmap)

Other Linux distributions/versions require different ways to acquire dependencies. Open a new issue and point out which Linux distribution/version you use, so others might help.

If you are building from Git, make sure that you initialize the submodules that are part of this repository by executing: git submodule update --init --recursive

If you are running a parallel mono installation, make sure to run all the following steps while having sourced your mono installation script. (source path/to/my-environment-script) See:

PS: You can also create your own profile by adding a file to the profiles directory containing a list of the directories to build.

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