Gloe (pronounced /ɡloʊ/, like

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2024-06-08 16:00:03

Gloe (pronounced /ɡloʊ/, like "glow") is a general-purpose library made to help developers create, maintain, document, and test both operational and flow-oriented code. It is particularly useful in data science and machine learning pipelines, as well as in servers and scripts, or any area where there is a gap between the code and the logical business understanding. Gloe is not intended to be used across an entire application or to replace existing libraries. Instead, it is built to integrate with other tools and to address areas where the code complexity may be higher than expected.

1. Gloe emerged in the context of a large application with extremely complex business logic. After transitioning the code to Gloe, maintenance efficiency improved by 200%, leading the entire team to adopt it widely.

Consider the following pipeline. Its purpose is to send two types of promotional emails to users with specific roles. First, it extracts a role from an HTTP request, then fetches the users who belong to this role, sends the corresponding email to each group of users, and finally logs the results of the emails sent.

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