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2023-09-15 22:30:04

"...succinctness is power... we take the trouble to develop high-level languages... so that we can say (and more importantly, think) in 10 lines of a high-level language what would require 1000 lines of machine language... -Paul Graham, Succinctness is Power

I used Stata for 7 years for both data exploration and programming. After that, I used Python/pandas for 3 years and found that pandas is just too verbose and "explicit" for rapid data exploration. So I started working on this project on September 3, 2023.

Stata is great, but Python/pandas is free and easier to integrate with other applications. For example, you can build a web server in Python, but not Stata; You can run Python in AWS SageMmaker, but not Stata.

Additionally, even for devout Stata users, there is utility in being able to run Stata commands through a Python stack for comparison purposes.

where square brackets distinguish optional qualifiers and options from required ones. In this diagram, varlist denotes a list of variable names, command denotes a Stata command, exp denotes an algebraic expression, range denotes an observation range, weight denotes a weighting expression, and options denotes a list of options.

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