You can still have a printed version (en and pt editions) if you prefer. Visit for more details. Chapter I introd


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You can still have a printed version (en and pt editions) if you prefer. Visit for more details.

Chapter I introduces theoretical fundamentals of wireless networks, software-defined wireless networks and also Mininet-WiFi. This chapter goes in-depth into concepts relevant to the learning objectives of this book. For a deeper understanding of the different topics explored, the reader will be provided references to relevant literature in the field;

Chapter II introduces the beginner level of Mininet-WiFi proficiency and is devoted solely to providing the working details of Mininet-WiFi, where its key functional aspects are described. If you are already proficient with Mininet-WiFi, you can focus on chapters III and IV instead. You do not need to be familiar with Mininet to use Mininet-WiFi, but if you are, you will certainly have a smoother feel as to how Mininet-WiFi works. The tutorials included in this chapter can be used as complementary activities in theory classes at the undergraduate level (e.g. EA074 at FEEC/UNICAMP), as well as in practical laboratory courses (e.g. EA080 at FEEC/UNICAMP);

Chapter III introduces the intermediate level of Mininet-WiFi proficiency, covers tutorials that employ wireless networking, software-defined wireless networking, as well as a number of concepts related to computer networking. This chapter also describes the use of some network applications, such as tcpdump and Wireshark. In addition to meeting the pedagogical goals of more advanced computer network classes such as those involving laboratory activities, the tutorials in this chapter are also suitable for graduat classes(e.g. IA369, IA376 at FEEC/UNICAMP) and specialization courses (e.g. INF-556 at IC/UNICAMP), as they allow experimental research to be carried in more complex scenarios, such as the development of SDN solutions using the OpenFlow protocol;

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