Grab the single executable download from here: This


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2023-05-22 09:30:04

Grab the single executable download from here: This app is expected to run on any platform that Rust compiles for, but presently you'll need to fetch the source and build it.

The major issue that this project solves is the dotnet requirement: I appreciate that dotnet now runs on Linux. This has been noted in multiple Github issues, however many of us do not wish to install a Microsoft Framework just to then install a small app that downloads a file. This app is a standalone executable.

If you would like to run a "has this password been seen before" type service, you require the way the dotnet downloader works. However, if you would like to meet modern password requirements for "block commonly used passwords", you do not need a constantly updated, massive text file of passwords that have been seen once (which are not "common"). This downloader allows output to be filtered based on the number of times a password was see (defaults to 3). Set this parameter to 1 to get the old behaviour.

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