My network home setup v4.5

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2023-09-15 08:30:06

I’m back with another update to my home network setup, but this time it’s a smaller change that’s more focused on the overall tech aspect and daily usage, rather than just the network. As usual, I’ll begin with a brief summary of the content to help you decide if it’s worth your time. And I’ll also try to add a curious and useful tip in every paragraph.

As usual, I’ll provide the links to the previous posts for those who want to follow the various steps and evolution of my ongoing home tech diary.

This time I’ve made a few minor software and network improvements while also investing in new hardware to enhance my HomeKit experience. The latest additions include (you can jump to each section by clicking on the links below):

I’ve also updated my workstation setup, which now includes the Mini M2 Pro (and I replaced my old chair with a new one that doesn’t have armrests):

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