Quick shortcuts to use the default Apple password manager on macOS/iOS

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2022-06-23 10:30:08

In the latest release Apple has made some big steps forward with the integration of Apple Keychain and macOS/iOS: “iOS 15 Includes Built-In Password Authenticator With Autofill, Replacing Google Authenticator and Authy”. Now the passwords are well managed, quite well integrated in the system, and most important: you can also add the 2FA without use third-party apps. And i think this feature is very useful, at the moment I enabled both 1Password and Apple Keychain 2FA (yes you can use the same code generator from a website/service on two password managers), because login/fill with faceID or touchID is faster than use 1Password. Inside the apps and Safari you can login without open 1Password and all are already integrated in the browser.

The only trouble with the Apple password manager is “where the f* are my passwords saved”? , I don’t know how to say, but it’s a bit hard understand where you can easily find your saved passwords  

Since there isn’t an app called i.e. “Passwords” but you have to open the Keychain app and inside there’re all the certificates/passwords/mess/etc… so Apple added the “passwords section” inside the System Preferences (on both macOS/iOS), but it takes many steps to open and use it, becoming annoying. So I tried a fix/workaround with the Shortcut app.

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