Robot ‘guide dog’ developed by SJTU aims to improve independence for visually impaired people - International Affairs Division

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2024-07-09 19:30:06

【REUTERS 】- It's less furry than a traditional companion, but a six-legged Chinese robot "guide dog" could one day help vision impaired people live more independently, according to its research development team in Shanghai.

The robot dog, which is currently being field-tested, is able to navigate its physical environment via cameras and sensors, including recognising traffic light signals, which traditional guide dogs are unable to do.

Roughly the size of an English Bulldog but a bit wider, it can communicate by listening and speaking with a visually impaired operator with artificial intelligence technology incorporated into its voice recognition, route planning capabilities and traffic light identification. It also has six legs, which the researchers said helps it walk smoothly and with maximum stability.

"When three legs are lifted, there are still three legs… like the tripod of a camera. It is the most stable shape," said Professor Gao Feng, the head of the research team at Jiao Tong University's School of Mechanical Engineering in Shanghai.

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