Getting Tricked By "The Best" Web Hosting Services of The Year

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2021-07-21 13:00:13

The "Best Of" is one of the most popular genres in web publishing. People are advised by many web publishers which services or products would be the best to buy. Is there a problem with such publications? Yes! A big one! They are a tabloid form of technology journalism and are not based on knowledge's careful examination or quality. Most authors who write on such topics, usually lack the necessary technological expertise to compare the products or services they are covering and distinguish those who are good from the average ones.

It is all marketing! Virtually 100 percent of publications titled "The Best" of something are created to advertise any specific company that pays the website to promote their services. This is a real shame! Instead of good journalism, the audience is offered a biased and very often, dishonest opinion about any product or service.

Take a look at PCMag's article titled "The Best Web Hosting Services for 2021" for example. The authors claim to offer "top, expertly tested picks". All companies mentioned in the article are selected either because they are popular and display in the first few pages of Google's SERP or as some form of commercial affiliation with the publisher.

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