Russian Blockbuster - Invasion

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2020-06-29 07:52:52

Here’s a look at some work created for the Russian blockbuster ‘Invasion’ by dobro°.ccs studio. Their work involves various screen designs as well as the prologue to the film itself, which is also worth checking out.

Here you’ll find a mix of military command centre screens, including satellite scans and map data. The other portion of the work is dedicated to visualising an alien AI, and how it processes data.

The prologue tells the backstory of the film, using a fly-through of different scenes made up of point cloud images. The final look is vibrant and full of detail. The camera moves are so fluid and I really love the texture this technique provides. I can imagine holograms having this type of feel.

Dobro have created some beautiful imagery for this film. It is always great to take a look at projects coming from different areas around the world.

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