Huemint - About Huemint - Machine learning for graphic design colorization

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2021-08-18 16:30:31

TLDR Huemint uses machine learning to generate colors for graphic design. Instead of generating a flat palette and leaving you to figure out how to apply it, it can generate colors based on how each color will be used in the final design.

There are a lot of color generation tools on the web, but most of them generate a flat palette of 5 colors. This is great as a starting point, but it still takes experience and intuition to apply these colors properly.

Huemint is a machine-learning system for generating colors based on context, ready to be used in the final design. It knows which colors are meant to be the background, which are meant to be the foreground, and which are meant to be accents. To get started, select a design template and click the (generate) button on the top right of the page.

If you find a color that you'd like to keep, click on the circular swatch to lock it. When you click (generate) again, the next results will take your locked colors into account.

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