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2024-05-13 15:00:05

The following outlines a method of playing forever given the following conditions, which apply in many Tetris products since 2001:

The general method is achieved by dividing the screen into self contained sections as shown below. Specifically, the 4 left columns, the 4 right columns, and the 2 middle columns will be treated as distinct regions, with specific pieces assigned exclusively to each region. Because the random generator provides strings of bags containing each of the 7 pieces in a random order, it is possible to construct a strategy around the relatively small variation, with looping patterns.

This pattern loops after 4 bags of pieces. Depending on the order of the pieces for each bag, you may need to use Hold to force a piece to come last. Piece previews are technically not required to play this pattern.

This pattern loops after a single bag of pieces. Depending on the order of the pieces, you will need to use a different construction. At least 5 previews are required to choose the appropriate construction. Alternatively, it is possible to use 3 previews and clever use of Hold (that does not conflict with the STZ loop's Hold needs) to choose an approriate construction using some advanced techniques.

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