Satellite Orbit Types

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2020-06-28 19:28:30

There are many different satellite orbits that can be used. The ones that receive the most attention are the geostationary orbit used as they are stationary above a particular point on the Earth.

The orbit that is chosen for a satellite depends upon its application. Those used for direct broadcast television, i.e. satellite television for example use a Geostationary orbit. Many communications satellites similarly use a geostationary orbit.

Other satellite systems such as those used for satellite phones may use Low Earth orbiting systems. Similarly satellite systems used for satellite navigation systems like Navstar or Global Positioning (GPS) system occupy a relatively low Earth orbit. There are also many other types of satellite from weather satellites to research satellites and many others. Each will have its own type of orbit depending upon its application.

Also the new Cubesats or cube satellites use relatively low orbits as well in view of te power levels they can transmit and the allowable path losses.

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