The ultimate guide to Haskell Strings

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2024-05-13 08:00:04

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This guide is aimed at Haskellers who seek to improve their understanding of String types, be it beginners or seasoned developers. It is also meant to be a quick reference/cheat sheet for deciding which string type to use in a given situation.

At the time of writing, I’m also serving on the Core Libraries Committee, which oversees the base API. In the context of base, there have been recurring discussions about String types, e.g.:

When discussing this topic with other Haskellers, I realized it can indeed be quite confusing and we don’t have comprehensive, over-arching documentation. After all, there is no equivalent of The Rust book.

I hope this blog post can fill some of the documentation gaps and also explain the newly introduced types and why I think that we don’t have too many String types.

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