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Masking Tape Plotter

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2022-05-13 10:30:05

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This project was created on 05/07/2022 and last updated 12 hours ago.

I built essentially a drum plotter, but one that uses masking tape rolls as the drum. The hardest part was to construct a z-axis that had almost no friction so the pen could fall down using just gravity alone. That part I had to heat up with a heat gun to re-melt the plastic (PETG) so the sinter bronze bearings could settle and re-align themselves. Any way, it was only after completion of the mechanics that I realized that I should have just pivoted the whole y-carriage, so that is for a later iteration of this design. 

The y-axis is the only axis that gets homed by a limit switch, the x-axis goes through some funny motion where it's first zeroed and then retracted for 295mm. This is wacky and needs to be done better in a further iteration too.

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