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Simple Universal Modem

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2022-09-21 17:30:08

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This project was created on 07/10/2022 and last updated 3 hours ago.

This little board has everything you need to save data from a retrocomputer, a PC, a microcontroller or just about anything else you can think off. On the other side of things it'll save data to pretty much any media that can record and play audio. 

This relatively tiny board of less than 50x15mm gives you an easy way to put any old audio device to good use, especially for era appropriate retrocomputer data storage or just for the fun of putting data somewhere new and interesting. 

And even better: If you have some old tapes lying around with invaluable data from the 70's or 80's, the Simple Universal Modem, will make it super easy to read the data with a modern MCU, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, since it has an encoding agnostic demodulation interface. 

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