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Upcycling Old Clock with NTP

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2024-03-30 02:30:03

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This project was created on 03/25/2024 and last updated 2 days ago.

This clock has great sentimental value to me from my childhood as I grew up with it. Unfortunately, the clock accuracy started drifting severely. I have to set the time daily as it goes out-of-sync up to 10 minutes each day.

Many nostalgic things to like about this clock. It has an FM radio which I listened to daily as a kid. I always loved how it looked ahead of its time with the large digital font. Growing up, this clock piqued my interest in the rising field of digital electronics.

In this project, I will share my journey to retrofit it to give it a new life. Here I shall automate it to synchronize to internet time periodically.

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