spade: A simple programming and debugging environment.

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2022-01-15 15:30:07

The entire language and function reference is available in the IDE in an easily searchable way. Press F1 or use the help menu to access it.

NOTE: This is still a very early version. The standard library is virtually non existent, and those function present are the only ones that were required to write the sample programs in the "samples" folder in this repo.

A small screen recording of SPADE in action can be seen here. It shows writing a small program, and then using the in-built documentation and debugger.

The easiest way to run spade on Linux is to download the portable executable from here. The latest release will be named After downloading the required .run file, make it executable and run it.

The file is a self extraction archive containing most of the shared dependencies, so it should hopefully work on most of the linux distros.

You can download the source package '.tar.gz' file from hackage, and use cabal or stack tool to build and install it. After extracting the source to a folder, running either of the following commands in the folder should build and install it.

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