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2023-03-15 13:00:06

A recent leak on BreachForums has revealed the entire software catalog from three major companies:,, and This includes a massive CCTV system from ganzsecurity, which generates an estimated revenue of 2 billion dollars a year with its CCTV and facial recognition software. The entire library and catalog of software from these three companies is now available for download.

The leak poses a significant threat to the security and privacy of those using these companies’ products. CCTV systems are widely used for surveillance and security purposes in a variety of settings, from commercial buildings to public spaces. With access to this software catalog, malicious actors could potentially exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to sensitive data, compromising the safety and privacy of individuals and organizations.

It is important to note that these companies are responsible for the security and privacy of their customers, and a breach of this magnitude raises serious concerns about their ability to protect their clients’ data. It is critical that they take immediate action to address any vulnerabilities and ensure that their products are secure.

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