Download the Best Practices for Developing a Successful Secure Coding Training Program

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2021-06-11 02:00:11

Most security and engineering professionals who are given the task of developing a secure coding training program have not had any experience with developing training programs. This guide was developed for anyone who has the responsibility for developing such a program, but who does not have prior knowledge on the topic.

HackEDU has helped hundreds of companies and organizations secure their software development lifecycle through our secure coding training platform and our Prepare, Prevent and Protect approach.

Our interactive, web-based training is conducted using a real web application that sits in a sandbox environment, and our lessons focus on both offensive and defensive skills.  Integrations with SAST, DAST and SCA tools, code repositories, issue trackers and bug bounty programs allow us to develop adaptive training programs based on actual vulnerabilities in your code. For admins, our robust administrative tools makes it easy to set up, deploy, assess and manage training. 

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