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2022-01-24 01:30:10

We recently found out that Amazon recruiters can put a "temporarily blocked" status on profiles of people in their internal system. A recruiter seeing this status doesn't reach out to the professional. We take the preferences shared by our users and request Amazon recruiters to not reach out to them.

Amazon recruiters face a tremendous challenge - hire the best and hire fast, which is key to the success of their organization. They reach out to numerous professionals, all around the year, hoping for some good responses - similar to how the ad industry works. However, they do not want to reach out to people who are not interested or are actively disinterested. That would be a waste of time and resources for them. On the other hand, some people don't want to do deal with such spam. It only makes sense to gather information from such people and make recruiters aware of people's preferences.

No, on the contrary, we believe we are helping them! Recruiters want to reach out to all interested professionals. If someone is not interested whatsoever, they would rather not reach out to them. Furthermore, Amazon recruiters do not seem to know if someone within their organization has already reached out.

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