Haiku activity report - September 2021

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2021-09-28 15:30:04

PulkoMandy reworked the way the screen is taken out of DPMS power saving mode when app_server first starts. This should have no consequences on most hardware since the screen will normally already be up during the boot screen, but the way it was implemented led to some confusion in existing drivers, as we tried to turn the screen on before the driver had a chance to set a video mode on its own. So this code is moved a little later in the setup sequence.

John Scipione changed the behavior of the BBitmap SetBits method to remove some special cases in place to implement exactly what was described in the Be Book for BeOS. This apparently fixes at least one BeOS application, so maybe the documentation wasn’t correct.

Korli added support for the RGB48 and RGBA64 color spaces in the interface kit. This allows translator to return a full color resolution bitmap for image formats that can store that. The interface kit itself still needs these images converted to 32bit before they can be displayed.

tqh cleaned up several parts of the code for the ARM kernel and managed to get the bootloader to completely run, and attempt to start the kernel. The next step is setting up the MMU to manage virtual memory. This work includes a rework of the kernel linker scripts and executable header, removal of currently unused support for direct booting from u-boot (we are going to use UEFI instead, which provides an easier environment to work with), and preparing the haikuports pre-built packages to ease creating an ARM64 build of Haiku without having to do a bootstrap everytime.

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