July 30th, 2019 | 53 Min                                                                       Harrison Metal fo

Executive Communication w/ Harrison Metal's Michael Dearing | Heavybit

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July 30th, 2019 | 53 Min

Harrison Metal founder Michael Dearing has dedicated his life to helping companies productize emerging technologies, build go-to-market strategy, and empower better general managers.

Thanks for the invitation. Thanks for showing up. I always get nervous when people say they've created an evening event, I can think of about 8 billion things you'd rather be doing than learning about executive communication, but I really appreciate you giving me a shot with your time. I have to set up a little tiny bit of context so that the story makes sense. Here's the context I want to share with you now.

This is a graph of gross domestic product per capita for earth, and the data set from which I pulled these numbers goes all the way back to about 1 million BC. I lopped it off at 1,000. For the last about 1,015 years, how much have we produced on the planet earth in dollar value? Best estimate. Credible people did this, the data behind it. Real credible. Total dollar value divided by the total population, this is the curve that you get.

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