The Mom-Test in Action (Tape-Template)

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2021-09-25 15:00:08

"The Mom Test" by Rob Fitzpatrick is a wonderful framework for talking to customers and actually getting insights from the process.

We at Tape are huge fans of "The Mom Test" as it helped us to identify and validate our target audience. However, we quickly noticed that simply talking to a bunch of people and asking them questions wasn't getting us anywhere without the right process in place.

In detail, interview goals had to be carefully specified and meeting protocols properly structured such that they were comparable afterwards. Furthermore, the raw data obtained from the interviews had to be made accessible for and shared with the entire team, as a person by themselves often draws the wrong conclusions.

After hundreds of interviews, we finally arrived at a replicable, battle-tested process for carrying out the mom-test and being successful in answering the right questions. We created a template that enables teams to start with the correct process right away:

Tape is a generic platform where each user can structure and customize their data and processes by themselves. A template can be used to copy over an existing structure. In this case, the customer development workspace containing everything needed to carry out the mom-test process inside your startup team.

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