Pre-orders for ESO Bike launched - steel bike without chain in Russia

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2020-06-27 03:49:09
Many cyclists prefer models that are easy to use and maintain when traveling around the city. ESO Bike is just like that - it is so laconic that it does not even have a chain, wires, brake linings and even a frame without paint. But it will never rust, and the wheels will not have to be pumped. ESO Bike developers have relied on the most concise design and the rejection of everything that requires maintenance. Instead of a chain - or a belt drive - the bicycle has a shaft drive. This means that the owner does not have to worry about lubrication or a broken chain, as well as pick up trousers with narrow trousers that are not a pity to stain. Since there is only one gear, there is no gear selector, gearbox or trailing cables. There are also no brake levers or associated cables - instead of them there is only a rear foot brake.  You don’t have to pump up the wheels either, because the engineers installed alloy tires Tannus Aither 1.1 on the ESO Bike. It feels comparable to tires inflated to 6.9 bar, according to New Atlas. Perhaps such high rates are intended to improve the roll on asphalt. It is worth noting that alloy tires are heavier than usual.
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