The Tale of Daniel

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2024-04-01 15:30:08

It’s April Cools! It’s like April Fools, except instead of cringe comedy you make genuine content that’s different what you usually do. For example, last year I talked about the strangest markets on the internet. This year I went down a different rabbit hole.

Daniel has been a top 5 baby name twice since 2000. There are over 1.5 million Daniels in the United States (and almost 100,000 last-name Danielses). There are who knows how many Dans, Dannies, and Daniellas out there. “Daniel” is, by any way you slice it, a very modern name.

I’m interested in ancient history, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody who reads this blog. And I love how their literature reflects the modern human experience. Take this lament carved in a pyramid from the Egyptian Middle Kingdom:

This anonymous poet, writing 4500 years ago, shares our fears about losing our past and of our memories being forgotten. Beautiful.

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