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2024-03-28 16:30:04

Robert Cohn from Intel has accepted the role as oneAPI Spec Editor.  Robert is Senior Principal Engineer at Intel and holds PhD computer science from Carnegie Mellon.

Penporn has a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley and is a senior software engineer at Google working on machine learning infrastructure. She has collaborated with various industry partners to optimize TensorFlow on numerous hardware architectures, some of which rely on oneAPI components such as oneDNN.

“The Unified Acceleration Foundation exemplifies the power of collaboration and the open-source approach," said Jim Zemlin, Executive Director at the Linux Foundation. "By uniting leading technology companies and fostering an ecosystem of cross-platform development, we will unlock new possibilities in performance and productivity for data-centric solutions.”

The Unified Acceleration Foundation is an evolution of the oneAPI initiative and focuses on the development of a specification and open source projects through Working Groups and Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

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