Wolfi Linux (Un)Distribution Secures The Software Supply Chain

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2022-09-22 16:00:20

Chainguard, the co-creator of Sigstore, has just launched Wolfi, a community Linux (un)distribution that is built with the default security measures necessary for securing the software supply chain.

The push for software supply chain integrity and transparency has left organizations struggling to build in software security measures like signatures, provenance, and SBOMs to legacy systems and existing Linux distributions. To that end, Sigstore is good but requires manual labor. There must be a better way of utilizing its facilities.

And what better than package all the work in an immutable container? Chainguard’s new Linux (un)distribution and build toolchain, Wolfi, is doing exactly that. It produces container images that meet the requirements of the secure software supply chain; that is images already provided with signing and sensible defaults.

Sensible defaults is certainly an answer to writing secure code. I discussed this notion when covering Semgrep, a tool that searches through code for flaws where plain regexes fall flat and using Static Application Security Testing would be overkill. Semgrep works by enforcing sensible defaults. Why is this important?

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