The Mycelial SQLite For Beginners Course

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2024-06-12 04:30:02

There's a self-paced. YouTube-based course by Mycelial on the ins and outs of SQLite. It's short, succinct and free and a must watch for anybody wanting to get started with  SQLite.

In checking the course out I also got to learn about the very interesting endeavors of Mycelial. Mycelial lets you move your data from various sources to your chosen destinations on the cloud with a particular focus on edge data sources, real-time IOT.

To give an example, the US Navy uses Mycelial in order to synchronize AI/ML data between submersibles by sharing data seamlessly between the fleet of unmanned vessels, manned vessels, and Cloud environments. Leveraging Mycelial’s Kafka connector, Navy vessels using Kafka or Red Panda as the onboard system of record, synchronize with each other in real-time when connected but remain fully functional when disconnected under the sea.

Looking into SQLite's use on the edge in particular I learned that drones and the Humvees are equipped with local SQLite databases which Mycelial keep in sync across the network by automatically propagating this new state to every node in the network. That way it ensures that when any device queries its local database, it gets this newly inserted data as well.

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