How To Grow & Monetize Your Blog The Hard Way ? | Earn More Without AdSense

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2021-09-23 03:00:05

To be honest with you, it takes a lot of time to make an income from blogging as long as you use ‘Ad Networks’ and have less than 10 000 unique monthly visitors.

I’ve recently seen a lot of ridiculous articles on platforms like Medium and Vocal.Media , writers claiming to earn $1000+ or $10000+ per month or week. Honestly, I find these articles a waste of time and brain capacity because they all contain the same old useless sh* I have attempted (actually, been attempting) for the past 10+ months and they do not show proof of their earnings.

Most of the articles about ‘monetizing your blog’ ignore the fact that your blog might not be as popular as theirs. In most cases, they will only provide you with close-to useless programs that usually do not work out. If you decide to choose their path you’ll end up with a blog that lets visitors “read” Ads instead of your articles, simply because you’ll be trying so hard to get impression revenue or clicks.

This path is automatically not for you if you are getting less than 500–1000 visitors per day. So in the meantime focus on the strategy, I’ll explain below until you grow your traffic.

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