Importing your domain email account into Gmail | Namecheap or any Cpanel

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2021-09-23 02:30:03

When people launch an online store they usually must set up two or more emails for it. In most cases, + and personal ones for heads of departments like It may become difficult to manage two emails on your own(work & personal Gmail) and this is where the Gmail Fetcher comes to play.

Gmail fusing your professional email accounts allows you to conveniently manage/check them in one single place. So basically, your main Gmail account will host your professional emails allowing you to receive, view, and send using the Gmail interface.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to do it step by step. Before we dive in I am going to do the ‘Practical Example’ approach using :

Open your Gmail account on a desktop browser(do not use your mobile phone). Navigate to your top right and click the ‘settings’ icon as shown below. A drop-down menu will appear so click “All Settings”

Let us start with A, click “Add another email address”. A new window will pop up and it should look like the one on the image below :

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