Playbook for the Great Divergence

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2023-03-19 18:00:10

As we progress through the advanced stages of a period that can be called "the great divergence", the divide between those who can effectively utilise AI tools and those who cannot is widening. In the final stage (sometimes referred to as "the singularity" by the techno-religious), AI will ultimately diverge from biological intelligence.

To remain competitive during this transformative era, it would be useful to follow a playbook detailing various levels of human-AI interaction skills. Each level gains relevance after the preceding one and eventually becomes obsolete as AI technology continues to evolve.

With AI development advancing rapidly, it is essential to stay informed about the latest tools and integrations. This requires dedicating time and effort to explore new developments, which in turn helps you remain current and gain hands-on experience with innovative technologies.

Effectively employing AI tools demands the mastery of approaches and techniques that are both universally applicable and unique to each tool. These methods change with every new generation of tools, requiring constant adaptation.

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