Learn Python for Investing

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2020-06-30 18:54:20

This guide is an excerpt of my eBook and course Python for Investors. Shameless Plug: If this guide interests you here’s a link to get my upcoming course for 50% off .

Python is a beginner friendly programming language that is extensively used in scripting. Scripting is making executable code files perform a certain task. Python is popular because of it’s beginner-friendly syntax yet it offers a powerful ecosystem for almost everything from web to machine learning. The vast libraries of Python offer everything from Data Visualisation, Machine learning to Image Processing and even building games.

If this is your first time writing code, I advise you to write the code as you go and come back to the tutorial if any error occurs.

There are many ways to setup Python but the most easiest, no matter what OS you are on, is to simply go to https://colab.research.google.com/. Click on New Notebook and start writing code. Executing the code is as simple as hitting Shift+Enter or navigate to Runtime and Run all.

In programming, we have variables and constants. Variables are the identifiers of the data but the data can change constantly. Variables have different types like Numeric Types, Text Type, Sequence Types and Boolean Types. The types are the category of the variable.

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