HIMO Z20, an ultra-dynamic dual-mode fast-folding e-bike

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2020-06-22 17:07:14

In recent times, several new electric bicycles arrived for people who want to move around the city or the mountain quickly and easily. Well, now it is the time for the HIMO Z20, a long-range folding electric bike from Shanghai-based brand HIMO, which belongs to the Xiaomi group.

The HIMO Z20 electric bicycle is designed to attract a wide variety of customers since it fits the profile of many users. Thanks to an aluminum frame and 20-inch wheels, its final weight is just 21.6 kg, somewhat less than the average for similar electric bikes available in the market. The three-step folding system allows it to be transported with relative ease. Just unlatch the Z20’s easy lock system on the frame and handlebar stem, and you’re ready to go! It can easily be stored in a car trunk, taken in elevators, offices, etc.

HIMO Z20 has a brushless electric motor located in the hub of the rear wheel that offers a power of 250 W and is powered by a removable 10Ah battery located inside the horizontal tube of the frame. Although, according to HIMO, it is capable of reaching up to 80 km (50 miles) of autonomy in pedal-assist mode, and it drops to 50 km (32 miles) if you spend all your ride at cruising speed.

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