Ola founder: Ditch Azure, get free cloud in LinkedIn row - India Dispatch

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2024-05-11 11:30:03

Indian billionaire Bhavish Aggarwal is offering developers in his home country a full year of free cloud services to abandon Azure, escalating a feud with Microsoft over alleged censorship on its LinkedIn platform.

Aggarwal, who has founded three unicorn startups including ride-hailing provider Ola, said the offer from his AI venture Krutrim would be open “in perpetuity.” The 38-year-old made the pledge Saturday after accusing Microsoft’s LinkedIn of deleting his posts criticizing the professional networking site and its AI.

“The pronouns issue I wrote about is a woke political ideology of entitlement which doesn’t belong in India. I wouldn’t have waded into this debate but clearly Linkedin has presumed Indians need to have pronouns in our life, and that we can’t criticise it” wrote Aggarwal.

“They will bully us into agreeing with them or cancel us out. And if they can do this to me, I’m sure the average user stands no chance. As a founder and CEO, this western DEI system has a major impact on my business as it grows an entitlement mindset in our professional lives and I will fight it.”

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