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PS5 vs Xbox: loading times comparison

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2020-11-07 08:12:22

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We have now entered the hot days, Xbox Series X and PS5 will be released soon, respectively on 10 and 19 November.

Finally, the father, now a man of forty, and his daughter, a teenager, find themselves at home on the sofa playing with Xbox Series X. The commercial begins with the child protagonist buying the first Xbox with his father. (

Xbox Series X, for its part, keeps all its promises: the console is extremely powerful, silent, characterized by a minimal design with surprisingly small dimensions and by an absolute backward compatibility, often improved, see the new reviews of Gears 5, Sea of ​​Thieves and more games. (

Xbox Series S, the small all-digital The main objective of the Xbox Series S (here our review) is that slice of the public that does not disdain a console without a disc player and small, also comfortable to carry, looking at the possibility to take advantage of the Game Pass and to enjoy next generation titles by spending as little as possible. (

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