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2023-11-21 10:30:05
Google announced that starting in June 2024, ad blockers such as uBlock Origin #uBO **will be disabled** in Chrome 127 and later with the rollout of Manifest V3 (#Mv3). The new #Chrome manifest will *prevent using custom filters* and *stops on demand updates* of blocklist. Only #Google authorized updates to browser extension will be allowed in the future, which mean an automatic win for Google in their battle to stop YouTube #AdBlockers . #ManifestV3 is deceitful and threatening to your privacy, and now is a good time to switch to #Firefox ( and/or #TorBrowser ( if you haven't done so already! **EFF ( on Google’s Manifest V3**: > ⚠️⁠ > ⚠️⁠ **Chrome Manifest V3 Transition Timeline** (2023-11-16) > 🚩⁠ **EDIT** for clarification: MV3 in Chrome will still allow some ad blocking extensions, but will severely limit their blocking ability and even restricts pre-set filters to **50 MAX**.
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