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Static considered harmful?

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2023-03-26 14:00:07

By Ted Neward , JavaWorld |

Most imperative languages have some notion of static variable. This is unfortunate, since static variables have many disadvantages. I have argued against static state for quite a few years (at least since the dawn of the millennium), and in Newspeak, I’m finally able to eradicate it entirely.

Static variables are bad for security. See the E literature for extensive discussion on this topic. The key idea is that static state represents an ambient capability to do things to your system, that may be taken advantage of by evildoers.

Eh.... I'm not sure I buy into this. For evildoers to be able to change static state, they have to have some kind of "poke" access inside the innards of your application, and if they have that, then just about anything is vulnerable. Now, granted, I haven't spent a great deal of time on the E literature, so maybe I'm missing the point here, but if an attacker has data-manipulability into my program, then I'm in a whole world of pain, whether he's attacking statics or instances. Having said that, statics have to be stored in a particular well-known location inside the process, so maybe that makes them a touch more vulnerable. Still, this seems a specious argument.

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